“Fantastic. So engaging – could not stop watching.”

—Joey Borg, The Maltese Times

“ This is what the world needs right now.”

— Jour Nalist, Totally real News Paper

“He might just be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs”

—Someone Famous, Famous People Magazine

“A story of a man with a goal.”

— Carl Jarl, The SEO Review

“In a world of Fake News – this sure is refreshing. #Happy”

—Tonald Drump, Top Dog

Hampus Sjoestedt

International SEO Strategist


SEO Enthuaism


Off-Site Optimization

Things I’ve done:

Ranked in some of the hardest SEO niches in the world.

Moved around the globe more times than I can count.

Managed Google Analytics for sites with 40+ million sessions.

Said “No” to many opportunities, because they didn’t look fun.

Managed crazy amounts of social media accounts for companies.

Migrated sites fully into Angular without too many hickups.


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Pre International SEO Strategy Checklist

As an International SEO Strategist you need to be in full control and be able to see the bigger picture of the company’s or you client’s strategy and goals. Then create a plan to reach those set KPI’s and goals by aligning your International SEO strategy to be able to...
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Out of the box thinking


On-page Optimization

Hampus Sjöstedt (Sjoestedt)
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