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There’s always things to be done.

Hi, nice to see you here

I'm Hampus Sjoestedt

I do SEO and things of that nature.

About me

SEO, Marketing, PPC, Design, Analytics, Photography, music and more. Yes, I’ve done it all. But nowadays that’s a must more than it’s an accomplishment. I just pivot to where the skills is needed.

Things I’ve done:

  • Ranked in some of the hardest SEO niches in the world.
  • Moved around the globe more times than I can count.
  • Managed Google Analytics for sites with 40+ million sessions.
  • Said “No” to many opportunities, because they didn’t look challenging.
  • Managed crazy amounts of social media accounts for companies.
  • Migrated sites fully into Angular without too many hiccups.
  • Lived in Japan, Mediterranean Sea, New York and the Caribbean.
  • Set up PPC campaigns with 10k+ keywords and ad-copies.

What’s an International SEO Strategist?

An SEO Strategist within a company or agency usually has a broad business understanding and works with setting up strategies regarding the processes of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to reach the key marketing goals and objectives.

If you’re interested in reading about SEO, you can check out my SEO Blog.